iGaming Consulting

An igaming consultant can be an incredibly valuable resource for any company within the industry, especially when time is not on your side as they can hit the ground running. Additionally, there are many occasions when hiring in-house isn’t practical or cost effective. iGamingWorks offers igaming consulting services related to content management, social media management, search engine optimization and staff training. We’re also expanding our team of consultants so contact us if there is an immediate project you need assistance with. 

Benefits of iGaming Consulting Services

  • Subject Matter Expertise – Our consultants are highly experienced in their fields of interest and will be able to help your company break through any plateaus.
  • An Outside Perspective – While we often believe we’re able to see all angles to a problem, this isn’t always the case. Bringing in an igaming consultant can help to counteract the bias of inward focus. 
  • Extra Support – If you’re feeling pressure and lack the human resources for a particular task or project, one or more consultants can help temporarily so you can focus on getting back on target.
  • Scalable Assistance – By using any of our consultants only as long as you need to, you’re able to avoid hiring or letting go any unnecessary staff.
igaming content management

Content Management

Content is an absolutely essential division in any online business. However, as we all know progress can wax and wane depending on man power, budgets and a million other business factors. You can take advantage of our igaming content management consultant services if you need short-term professional help – whether that is to streamline content processes, train writers and editors, proofread and upload content, or any other relevant task.

igaming seo consulting

Search Engine Optimization

If you feel that you’ve perfected your onpage SEO and tried every trick in the book to improve your rankings but your site won’t budge, we can help. Our igaming SEO consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are happy to share with our clients. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to spot areas that can be improved. Our consultants can help to create a game plan for your own search engine optimization team to follow. 

igaming social media management

Social Media Management

With more than 3 billion people around the world using social media, its no surprise that this is one of the most important marketing channels for your igaming business. It should also play a crucial part in your SEO strategy. Our social media consultants are highly experienced at increasing brand awareness and user engagement, and can help to take your company mainstream. Hire one of our consultants if you’re yet to hire in-house for this role and need to free up your own time.

igaming staff training

Staff Training & Onboarding

Even the most carefully executed recruitment campaign will still require someone to onboard and train successful applicants. If you don’t have a dedicated division within HR for this role, our igaming consultants will be able to help. We can work with you to understand your company’s mission statement, work culture and objectives, and ensure new staff hit the ground running regardless of whether they are junior, mid or senior level. We can also help to train or transition existing staff.

Why Choose iGamingWorks?

Hire an iGaming Consultant Today

Our company mission is to provide complete solutions for the igaming industry, and one area we particularly excel at this is through consulting. We also understand that each client is unique and provides a new opportunity for us to learn and grow as a company, so it’s a win-win. 

 iGamingWorks is committed to offering unparalleled solutions and we would like to prove this to you. Contact us today to discuss hiring one of our igaming consultants, whether for a short or long-term project.